How to Clean and Store Your Ice Skates

Even if you only go ice-skating a few times a year, it’s a delight to own your own skates. They fit you perfectly and—best of all—haven’t been worn by hundreds of other people.

And with just a little bit of effort, you can keep your blades in top skating condition, ready to take a twirl at your local rink or pond.

Before we get into what you should be doing, let’s talk about the one thing you should never do. Ice skates are made for the ice, not for the ground. Put your blade protectors on immediately after leaving the ice.

How to Clean Ice Skate Blades

Right after you come off the ice, you’ll want to dry your blades with a soft cloth. Next, put your blade protectors on to prevent scratches and to keep your blades clean.

If your blades are beginning to rust, you’ll want to address the problem as soon as possible. Apply a few drops of oil to a scouring pad and gently rub the rust. Once the rust is gone, spray a rust-prevention product to the blade.

How Often to Sharpen Figure Skates

There is no one correct answer to this question, as it depends on your weight, how often you skate, and how you like your skates to feel.

A general rule of thumb is that skates need to be sharpened every 30 to 50 hours on the ice. You’ll know your blades need to be sharpened when you feel your blades slipping sideways when you skate.

How to Store Ice Skates

Keep your skates ready to go by storing them properly. That means treating your boots with a leather protector, making sure the blades are sharpened, tightening blade screws, and replacing worn laces.

You’ll also want to undo the laces a bit and open your skates up as wide as possible to promote air circulation and prevent mildew. Finally, don’t leave your skates in the car or in a basement, where fluctuating temperatures and high humidity levels could damage them.

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