And They Lived Happily Ever After, Thanks To A Local Storage Solution.

Once upon a time in a land not far away, a happy couple ventured forth to seek a new house where they would live happily ever after. So with a faithful real estate agent at their side, the couple traveled from house to house but to no avail. Their adventures took them to estate sales and auctions but they did not find their heart’s desire. They searched online, scoured classified ads, and wandered through neighborhoods, hoping to see a magical “For Sale” sign being hammered in front of their dream home, but alas – there were no signs nor assurances that they were any closer to their goal.

Driving back to their humble abode, the setting sun put their old home in a new light and in an epiphany, the couple realized that their Ugly Duckling home could become a Swan! After overdosing on Pinterest, they had plenty of ideas but would need time and space so their makeover could succeed. StorageMart to the rescue!

Our thoughtful couple rented a local storage unit to keep their belongings away from the sawdust, dirt, and grime of their dream in progress. Now they had space to store that vintage couch while they finished the wood floors in the foyer. And with most of their furnishings in storage, their house had more space, allowing them to work easier and faster, without worrying of bumping into a table or each other!

So now it’s time for some happily-ever-afters;

• Instead of a bigger mortgage, the happy couple enjoys a sweeter home, sweet home without leaving their first house.

• Their local storage unit’s monthly lease made sure they only paid for the time the needed for their remodel.

• No furniture was damaged because it was stored away from the scene of the grime.

So the next time you have a difficulty making your dreams come true, see if a little extra space will make the difference.